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The full tower S10 is the flagship case of the Signature Series by Antec, a new family of chassis characterized by a patent pending internal architecture, featuring an innovative Central Air Intake System and easy expandability with a striking, yet refined, exterior design.

The exclusive Three Chamber Design separates the enclosure into three thermal zones, providing clear airflow paths and efficient cooling to all of your components quietly. Click here to learn more about the Three Chamber Design.


Features and Specs

The Revolutionary Three Chamber Design

The first thing to cooling a PC is understanding airflow. Our patent-pending Three Chamber Design solves the challenge of cooling by isolating the enclosure into three distinct zones: the Hard Disk Drive Chamber, the Motherboard Chamber, and the Power Supply Chamber. Separating into three distinct chambers allows the airflow of each chamber to be controlled and fine tuned individually—effectively managing heat without compromising expandability and performance.

Swing-Open Side Panel Doors

Show off your build while maintaining a silent PC, with full side panel doors that swing open—making access to your system as easy as pushing the Quick-Release tab. The elegant, brushed aluminum side panel doors can also be removed by lifting them off their hinges.

Central Air Intake

Conventional PCs use a single compartment with front mounted fans and vents as the main air intake, meaning fans spin faster to push air past hard drives, increasing fan noise and creating uneven cooling. Departing from the conventional, our new interior layout passes air directly through the Central Air Intake to the motherboard, CPU, graphics cards, and your power supply, providing superior airflow and maximum cooling.

Redesigned Drive Bays

The S10 accommodates up to six 3.5” HDD bays and eight 2.5” SSD drive bays. The tool-less drive trays and slide-in design of the drive bays make installation quick and straightforward. All drive bays are positioned to ensure airflow is never impeded, and the HDD rails are equipped with sound-dampening silicone grommets for a genuinely silent build.

Distinctive Craftsmanship

Assembled by hand and constructed using industry leading materials, like 1.2 mm cold rolled steel and 4 mm brushed aluminum side doors, the S10 evokes a level of quality that is unparalleled. Together with thoughtful design touches and future proof innovations, the S10 provides maximum performance and efficiency while being incredibly user friendly. 

Our drive for innovation is apparent in every detail—from the ventilated top panel we created using our custom, single-mold injection process, to the base that elevates the chassis for improved airflow, every piece was built to deliver performance while epitomizing the unity of form and function.

Effortless Cable Management & Air Filters

Each air intake features a dedicated, micro-mesh filter, while the slide-out mechanism makes maintaining a clean, powerful build as intuitive as it should be. Cable management is simplified, with rubber cable routing grommets, plenty of space behind the motherboard and a swing-open full side panel door.

Model S10
UPC 0-761345-80010-5
Case Type: Full-Tower
14 Drive bays:

6 x 3.5" Quick Release Tool-Less Bays (HDD)

8 x 2.5" Quick Release Tool-Less Bays (SSD)


Up to 12” x 13” (304 mm x 330 mm)

Mini ITX / Micro ATX / Standard ATX / XL-ATX / E-ATX

Expansion Slots: 10 x Expansion Slots
Maximum graphics card size:

Up to 12.5" / 317.5 mm

Quad-SLI ready

Maximum CPU cooler height: 6.5" 165mm
Cooling System:

Motherboard Chamber
2 x 140 mm top exhaust fans

3 x 120 mm intake fans

1 x 120 mm rear exhaust fan

Water cooling support :

Top: 240 / 280 mm radiator

Center: 240 / 280 / 360 mm radiator

Rear: 120 mm radiator

Washable air filter – Large

Chamber Dimensions: 14.76 in (W) x 7.08 in (D) x 17.51 in (H)

Power Supply Chamber
1 x 120 mm intake fan (optional)

Washable air filter - Medium

Chamber Dimensions: 15.15 in (W) x 8.07 in (D) x 4.01 in (H)

Hard Disk Drive Chamber
1 x 120 mm exhaust fan

Washable air filter - Small

Chamber Dimensions: 5.51 in (W) x 7.87 in (D) x 18.11 in (H)

Liquid Cooling Solution:

Top: 240 / 280 mm radiator
Center: 240 / 280 / 360 mm radiator
Rear: 120 mm radiator

Top I/O Ports:

4 x USB 3.0

5.25” Shallow Depth Bay for Control Panels

HD Audio In and Out

Power / Reset Button (Tap for Power, Hold for Reset)


1 x Central Intake

1 x Hard Disk Drive Chamber Intake

1 x Power Supply Chamber Intake

Unit Dimensions: 555mm(H) x 223.6mm(W) x 557mm(D)
21.85”(H) x 8.80”(W) x 21.92”(D)
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en 2016-03-22
Nikktech S10 Overall if you’re in the market for a grade-A quality tower with plenty of interior space, excellent airflow, plenty of features and don’t have need for a radiator mount over 360mm and a 5.25”...

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Tom's Hardware S10 Offering superb performance and a good layout, Antec's S10 is arguably fancy enough to justify its high price. Unfortunately, small design issues prevent it from becoming our ultimate choice.

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Antec S10 - New $499 Signature Full Tower