120mm Magnetic Air Filter


Dust Proof Your System

Introducing the universal 120mm Magnetic Filter, the quick and easy solution to reducing dust in your system’s internal components. The Dust build up in and on your computer has the potential to lower cooling performance or when over accumulated, cause damage. One prime example is when dust starts to build on several interior parts like the vents on your PSU, these can become clogged which can lead to overheating. Most add-on filters in the current market are a hassle to install, requiring additional tools and parts. The 120mm Magnetic Filter’s convenient flexible design can mold to any fan mount and has an embedded magnet in its frame that essentially lets you attach it to any steel chassis. Dust reduction is key to prolong the overall lifespan and functionality of your components by increasing cooling efficiency.

120mm Magnetic Air Filter

Features and Specs

Protect your PC

Keep your computer safe from dust that flows in through the intake fans. Dust filters can prevent dust build ups, extending the lifespan of your components.

tool-less Installation

A magnetic strip is embedded in its frame making installation and maintenance a breeze.


The flexible design can mold to any 120mm fan mount, allowing installation to any chassis in the market.

Input table
Model Name 120mm Magnetic Filter
Warranty 1 Year (AQ1)
Application 120mm size filter
Dimensions 120mm (W) x 120mm (H) x 1.5mm (D)

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