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The Unbeatable Notebook Cooler

The Antec NoteBook Cooler 200 is the unbeatable way to keep even the largest and most cutting-edge gaming laptop cool. The 200mm Big Boy fan delivers an unprecedented level of airflow, while the blue LED internal illumination provides unmatched style. Fan speed and illumination are controlled by easily accessible toggle switches. The USB connector conveniently powers the unit so no batteries or extra power connectors are needed. Keep your ultimate gaming notebook computer stable with the NoteBook Cooler 200, the perfect cooling solution for gamers on the go.

Notebook Cooler 200

Features and Specs


Powered by a convenient USB connector, no batteries or extra power connectors are needed, and low power consumption means the draw on your battery is minimal.

Reliability you can count on

The Notebook Cooler 200 is backed with AQ3 - Antec Quality 3 year parts and labor warranty, and you get unlimited access to Antec's incomparable technical support and customer service.


200mm Antec Big Boy fan with two speed settings delivers maximum cooling and internal blue LED illumination delivers unbeatable style; can be toggled on or off through a convenient switch. The unique design enables effortless operation on either a flat surface or the user’s lap


The 200mm Big Boy fan delivers a great amount of airflow to cool your hottest gaming components and can be set to a lower speed for even less power consumption and more silent operation

Model Notebook Cooler 200
UPC 0-761345-75019-6
Rated Voltage DC 5 V

Air Flow – At rated voltage zero static pressure (minimal value)

3.27 m³ / min (115.7CFM)

2.49m³ / min (87.9CFM)

Static Pressure – At rated voltage At zero air flow

0.55 mm-H2O (0.021inch-H2O)

0.246 mm-H2O (0.009inch-H2O)

Input Current (Max.) 0.4A / 0.3A
Speed (Max.)

600RPM ±150

400RPM ±150

Acoustical Noise 27.1 dBA /  23.8 dBA
Input Power 2W / 1.4W

Life – Continuous operating under normal temperature (25 °C or 77 °F)

 50,000 hours
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