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Eco-friendly, Efficient PSU

Looking for a power supply that's cool, quiet and costs less to run? With its independently certified 80 Plus design, the Antec's EarthWatts EA380HT will do all that and more. The extra efficient circuitry that's at least 80 percent efficient at all loads means the Earthwatts EA380HT will save your money every month.


Features and Specs


If you are looking for a strong, stable and reliable PSU that will last you for years, you'll want one that runs on Continuous Power. Antec PSUs always use Continuous Power to deliver consistent, stable wattage to your entire system. You can believe that whenever Antec advertises a rated wattage, that is exactly what you'll get: stability and continuous power. No exceptions.

20-4 AND 4 PIN

EA-380HT has a longer 20+4 and 4 pin. Measuring up to 450 mm (20+4) and 340 mm (4-pin) cables.

80 PLUSĀ® Certified

The 80 PLUS certified power supply provides high power efficiency of at least 80% at any load between 20% and 100%, saving your money on your electrical bill, reducing heat in your computer's system and prolonging its life.


Compatible with the ATX12V v2.0 standard, the Antec Earthwatts EA380 provides maximum power stability to drive the latest Intel and AMD processors as well as other system components.

Technical Specifications
Model EA-380HT
Series Earthwatts
Part Number 0-761345-27381-7
Type Power Supply
Compliant with ATX12V v2.0
Efficiency 80 PLUSĀ® Certified
Wattage 380W
Cooling 1 x 80mm low noise cooling fan

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