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Screen Cleaning Wipes

With daily use, electronic devices such as monitors and smartphones accumulate fingerprints and dust, making their displays difficult to read. Introducing 3X Strength Wipes, an Antec Advance Cleaning Solution created to keep your devices flawless and functional. Protect your investment with Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions, the best solution for a clean screen!

“Consult with Monitor Manufacturer or Antec Tech Support for product compatibility. Product is not compatible with Anti Glare coating”

3X Cleaner Wipes 20p

Features and Specs

What's in it?

3X Strength Wipes are anti-bacterial to maintain a germ-free device, killing approximately 99.9% of all bacteria; they are also anti-static, fingerprint resistant and free of alcohol & ammonia.

Ease of Use

To clean your device, simply power it off and thoroughly apply a wipe to your screen. 3X Strength Wipes are available in a 20-wipe travel-size pack for convenient on the-go use and a 100-wipe family-size pack so that you can have a like-new product at all times. Perfect for monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones,gaming devices and more

Model 3X Cleaner Wipes 20p
UPC 0-761345-77430-7
Anti-bacterial kills 99.9% of bacteria for over 24 hours
Anti-static continues to keep dust off your device even after cleaning
Alcohol & ammonia-free designed specifically for electronically sensitive devices
Fingerprint resistant maximizes your screen’s display
Unique non-drip formula (3x Strength Spray)Alcohol & ammonia-free adheres to screen to prevent damage
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Hexus.net 3X Cleaner Wipes 20p "London, UK | 14 May 2012 | Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today announced its Advance...

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en 2012-05-14
Asia.Cnet.com 3X Cleaner Wipes 20p "To test how effective the Antec's cleaning solution is, we got a different dedicated cleaning solution and dirtied up a tablet with fingerprints. ....As you can see for yourself, the pictures show...

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en 2012-02-24
PMANewsline.com 3X Cleaner Wipes 20p "Antec is offering the Antec 3X lens-cleaning kit, featuring a non-drip, anti-bacterial formula keeping the spray from running down the screen. The solution makes touchscreen and other surfaces...

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en 2012-02-24

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