100% Natural Spray 60mL


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Natural Cleaning Solution

With daily use, electronic devices such as monitors and smartphones accumulate fingerprints and dust, making their displays difficult to read. Introducing 100% Natural Spray, an Antec Advance Cleaning Solution created to keep your devices flawless and functional. Protect your investment with Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions: the best solution for a clean screen!

“Do not use on anti-glare coatings: such as on Apple Macbook pro”

100% Natural Spray 60mL

Features and Specs

What's in it?

The 100% Natural Spray is formulated to be fingerprint resistant and free of chemical additives, alcohol and ammonia.

What's Included

The included microfiber cloth (20 cm2 for 60 mL, 30 cm2 for 240 mL + 60 mL) efficiently dries your screen without any smudges or streak marks and gives it that extra shine. 100% Natural Spray is available in a 60 mL travel-size bottle for convenient on-the-go use and a 240 mL + 60 mL Home + Travel Pack so that you can have a like-new product at all times.

Model 100% Natural Spray 60mL
UPC 0-761345-77455-0
No chemical additives derived from organic sources for an all natural solution
Alcohol & ammonia-free designed specifically for electronically sensitive devices
Anti-static continues to keep dust off your device even after cleaning
Fingerprint resistant maximizes your screen’s display
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CNET Asia 100% Natural Spray 60mL "The smaller 60ml version is meant for traveling--for you to whip it out on the plane to clean your dirty tablet screen."

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en 2012-02-24

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