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EA-380D Green
Price: $59.95
EA-500 Green
Price: $89.95
EA-550 Platinum
Price: $119.95
EA-650 Green
Price: $99.95
EA-650 Platinum
Price: $129.95
Don't compromise. Save energy and maximize performance.

Do your part for the environment with EarthWatts power supplies. The earth is our most valuable resource and protecting and preserving it for future generations is of utmost importance. EarthWatts is available in three highly efficient models (380 Watt, 430 Watt, and 500 Watt) and are all 80 PLUSĀ® certified, the newest standard in power supply efficiency. And that means that using EarthWatts will save you money on your electrical bill. Fully equipped with universal input, EarthWatts automatically works on any power grid in the world. And the built-in Active PFC makes EarthWatts the ideal way to reduce electrical waste and protect the environment.